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Are you constantly snoring and disturbing your spouse while you sleep? There is a possibility you have sleep apnea, a common sleep disorder that causes you to stop breathing when you sleep. This occurs when your airways are blocked, which limits the amount of air that reaches your lungs. 

When breathing is constricted, you may wake up temporarily when your brain and body are deprived of oxygen. Most cases of sleep apnea are caused by the back of the throat collapsing. Muscles relax while you sleep, so if you sleep on your back, gravity can cause the tongue to fall back, narrowing your airway and reducing the amount of air that reaches your lungs.

Quality Sleep & Healthier Living 

Your snoring may be affecting your life in more ways than you are aware of. This problem can create more than just an annoyance; snoring is a health issue. Your snoring can affect your health as well as the health of your bed partner. Below are side effects of disrupted sleep. 
• Difficulty Concentrating/Learning 
• Memory Loss 
• Anxiety/Depression 
• Headaches 
• Irritability 
• Increased Blood Pressure 
• Cardiovascular Disease 
• Reduced Libido 
• Daytime Fatigue 
The problems that may result from obstructive sleep can often lead patients to believe they have another condition. Some patients are misdiagnosed for anemia, cardiac or pulmonary illnesses, diabetes, insomnia and much more. Our dental sleep medicine professionals can accurately diagnose your problem and offer appropriate treatment. 
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